Your Strategic Partner
in Mexico and South America



We are the link between Manufacturers, Specifiers, and Customers.


With offices and staff in Mexico City and support and staff in Monterrey and Laredo.


Our team comprises Architects and Lighting Designers who are experts in the field.

Business Focus

Our purpose is to make available to all our clients the quality and versatility of the most recognized brands of high-end, exceptional lighting fixtures, with a range of options that complement each other, jointly achieving solutions for specific needs and demanding designs.

With over a decade in the high-specification lighting field, we can safely say that we know the industry and its most prominent players.

Our target has always been to nurture relationships that produce sales opportunities and business growth, following ethics, honesty, and loyalty principles while expertly and knowledgeably navigating the complex idiosyncrasies and customs of the region.

Manufacturers Represented

Meet Our Team

Rubén Santamaria

Director I Designer

Omar Rojas

Project manager I Architect & Lighting Designer

Aldo Ramirez

Business Development Monterrey I Engineer

Brenda Nequiz

Project Manager I Physicist

Marisol Gonzälez

Office Coordinator / Public Relations


Joy Director I Canine Executive

How Our Partnership Will Increase Your Revenue

We create new sales opportunities for clients at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team, developing sales initiatives to address every stage of the revenue lifecycle, with a dedicated sales team that performs that prospecting you can’t afford to do in-house.

We apply procedures and sales talent expertise processes to increase response rates, brand awareness, and sales efficiency for end-user demand, find the right type of customers, successfully convey your value proposition, and close more business.

Our BDRs team personally call, email, and run live demos to keep partners and prospects engaged and informed and to increase brand coverage and Revenue, complementing your Sales and Marketing efforts.

We promote your brand and sell your solutions through content management, training, and company-branded campaigns, significantly boosting your outbound efforts by directly introducing your company to new end-user prospects that match your ideal customer profile and are searching for your type of solutions.

By partnering with Lighthouse Representatives, your company will have a local office representation in diverse territories, scheduling qualified meetings for Account Executives, and ultimately handing off qualified leads to Channel Partners, exercising consistent follow-up and engagement of new prospects under your brand.

Additionally, your company’s savings will allow you to allocate those expenses in more meaningful ways that make more sense for your company’s growth and expansion.

Percentage of Salespeople Who Say the Following Have
an Extreme or Substantial Impact on Converting a Prospect into a Customer


Demonstrating industry knowledge

*Source: SalesForce.com Research State of Sales Fourth Edition


Building personal rapport


Demonstrating knowledge of business needs

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